Us, Us, Us, It's all about US

Having enjoyed other sites for the past several years: Project BlueSphere, Westsail Owners Association, another Westsail 42 from a bare hull site, Stacey and Neil's site, the Bumfuzzle's (when they sailed) as well as my staple of bulletin boards; Cruisers and Sailing, Seven Seas Cruising Association, and the Cruisers forum; I realize that as I've received so much from them it is only fair that I offer what I've gathered back at the same price. I'll keep it that way for as long as we can afford it. I know there are many other sites and pages out there; but, these are the ones I've frequented in the 6 years prior to our departure.

As much of the web is dynamic and constantantly changing, so too will this site. My commitment to anyone happening upon these pages is that I will make changes at any time , and any time should I feel like these pages begin to own me and I'm a slave to them, I'll either take the pages down or severely curtail my work on them.

I / We're going cruising to experience life different from the traditional American way.Dave and Wendy We want to be immersed in living, not completely ensconced in the wrappings of life that we Americans have become so comfortable with. We want to manage our lives not have life manage us.

With that in mind; feel comfortable checking out what's on my mind. The blog is my free association whilst cruising thoughts, covering such diverse ideas as economic theories, education, boat spares and parts, costs, etc. If something pops into my brain and sits for a day or so there is a good chance of a blog entry.

Crusing -Life in Exotic Places

Here you'll be able to garner ideas on subjects that seem to be upper most in the minds of lifestyle chnages, the cost of of how we cruise is documented, the adventures of getting boat projects completed either by myself or someone I hired is documented. Destinations and anchorages are covered with various levels of information depending on the length of time we've spent there. These pages aren't ment to replace the quality information found in the SSCA bulletine or on Noonsite and I'll do my best to provide dates as so much of what happnes to cruiseris is time bound. What one sailor experiences now is often quite differnt from what another may experience in 6 months. So with that in mind be sure as you get close to anoy one spot you check with those cruisers personally who have just been there.

Instructional Tips and Tricks in Education

I spent 15 years in the classroom teaching Earth Space Science to the the general population and then the last 5 of those years to the gifted population in middle schools. Realizing that I may not have the energy to keep 5 shows per day up; everyday till I'm retired (teaching requires a lot of mental and physical energy), I moved from the classroom into IT where I could share with other educators my skills in using all things tech wise with an idea to enhance student learning. I'll share with you what I've learned; what my secrets were, how I motivated the students and general thoughts on the fobiles of current education trends. Obiously this perspectve will be provided from a clearer view then in years passed. I'm not in the classroom and most of the time I'm not even in the country. I'm no longer lost in the forest.