What we Paid...

Everyone ever thinking of cruising wants to know what it costs. Some will tell you "whatever you have", others will give you a fixed amount, and then there are some like Beth and Evans that will give you categories (high rollers, moderates and simplicity). Some like the Bumfuzzles will provide their expenses as they cruised and others either don't know it or don't want to share them. Some may not know. Also cruising areas effect the expense, The US and Caribbean, and the Mediterranean being the highest, and the Western Caribbean, S. and Central America and Pacific the lowest -all for different reasons.

For the cost of refining a cruising boat I'll refer you to another Westsailor: Tate and Dani provide a clear list of expenses making ready a cruising boat. I'll begin with the first year of full time cruising. We actually had left about 4 months prior to the end of the calendar year but we had purchased a great deal of ships stores at the best prices we could find before selling everything and setting off.

I completed this for close to the first 10 years of our cruise and after that time figure enough was enough. At about the 10 year mark we did some major refurbishing work totaling about 50k US $. Good Luck all !

Money, Money, Money!

I've pulled the most detail off line as it was getting burdensome to keep it up. Further, I'm not sure how good a month by month detail would be. So I have 5 years of cruising summaries and the totals of each category. All the money values are close; however if you add them up you may find some subtle differences. Really, at this stage in my life I don't care so don't bother me with... they don't add up! The year we left was a partial year and as the boat was fully outfitted and stuffed with food and drink. Those months don't tell much of a story. In 2009 we spent time in the Bahamas, then to the Chesapeake and down to the Virgin Islands. 2010 was the Windwards to the ABCs and New Years in Aruba. For 2011 that was Columbia and Panama. In 2012 we hung out a great deal in Panama / San Blas. For 2013 we did extensive land cruising and in the end transited the Panama Canal. in 2014 we crossed the Pacific and we hid from Cyclones in Penrhyn. Those years can give one a good idea. As an update in 2018 we spent roughly $50 k US in upgrades and maintenance to Elysium in NZ. After which we've been cruising and stuck in Australia during Covid. Good Luck and hope to see you out here.