Launch and then a Quick Trip Home

Whew, What a Day!

Friends as well as Wendy and I arrived to help move the boat. Move it a couple hundred yards from one boat yard to one with a travel lift. The transport driver was concerned he couldn't get the boat out. It had briefly rained the night before and he was concerned his wheels would simply spin in place. Luckily the boat moved. Around the corner we went, Elysium was unloaded into a travel lift and we were good to go. Next the Crane operator arrived and he wanted to simply lift the Mast over the lot line - over some power cables. We all stood back. Up and over it went. Everything was now in the yard next door . Time to sort out the shrouds and stays, then set the mast. With the mast in place and bystanders cheering us on we christened our Westsail 42 - Elysium. In the water she went. Dan and I hopped onto the boat checking that there were no leaks. She was dry. Start the engine. All good. The following day she moved home on her own bottom.