We came to the Chesapeake for two reasons. First, to add a hard dodger to the boat and second to get out of the hurrican zone. W/ wanted a dodger and if we were to have one I wanted a hard top. One I could fall against, lean on, and sit on if need be.

There were only two places in the states were Hard Dodgers were fabricated and made for boats. One with a company in Washington State and one with a Company in the Chesapeake. I actually tried talking the maker of the dodger that lived in Washington State into flying down and fitting one on our boat. He could make it a vacation and stay with us. But although he was quite nice and said if we sent him all the info and measurements he would consider aiding us but he would not come. He was particular and his work was meticulas.

The plus side of this is that being up the Chesapeak; although not hurricane free is out of the path of the majority of storms.

And there was a great by product of this trip. We were able to partake in a Westsail Rendezvous with out boat. We've been to quite a few but never had been able to get our boat to one. Finally! We are and we planned on it. Sweet.

Since there was no way we were going to get the boat to the Seattle area anytime soon we liked the East Coast option of the WaveStopper.