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Cruising thrugh Life



Want to make some changes to your boat. Want a great place to enjoy while your having work done. Trinidad is the place. With Jesse James (his real name) and several boat yards with 100's of trade people, a couple of good chandleries, this is the place.


A group of islands in the South Central Caribbean. These three Dutch and ex Dutch islands each offer a different feel to the cruise. Bonaire for Diving and some good eats, Curacao for boat work, boat supplies, and restocking, and Aruba for the most westernized of all.


While some of the rules and regs for this wonderful country can be a PITA, it worth checking out their requirements, following them and enjoying the harbors. We visited three, Cartagehna, Chalon, and Sapzurro.


We spent a lot of time sailing the North coast of Panama between Colombia and Colon. ShelterBay is safe but expensive, Linton full of cruisers and conjested, Portabello rolly at times, and Guna Yala (otherwise known as Kuna Yala, or the San Blas), remote and safe.





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