In general: Yes, in winter in the N. Bahamas it can get chilly; some would say cold, and you may hide from a front for a few days. But; that's a small price to pay for hanging in the crystaline waters. with the friendly people and ex-pats, and the ability to dive and spearfish. For a detailed description of our Bahamas experience it begins here. Yep, a small price to pay!


We love the Abacos. For us there plenty to do, tennis in Green Turtle, half a dozen restaurants, quite a few good holding protected anchorages and a variety of people with many places to hang. If you are lucky you can experience the festive atmosphere of Junkanoo. We spent 6 months in the Bahamas and the majority of time was in the Abaco's.

Grand Bahama

Usually on our way to the Abaco's we would clear into West End. We cleared Customs and Immigration there and headed E over the banks.

Berry Islands

Spend a couple of days there on the way to Spanish Wells. Lovely anchorage and a nice rest stop.


The only place we spend in this lovely island was Spanish Wells. Royal Island was a good stopping off place before we left but there has been some info on how private it was. Check with locals and guides for further updates.

A Brief Photo Gallery of the Bahamas.