West Coast

We lived on the west coast of Florida for approx 30 years and have sailed up and down it numerous times. Our trip down the west cost of is cronicled in our blog. Some of the key places we've traveled to in the past I'll mention here.


There are only a few good harbors in all the Keys. As in most areas I've covered we purchased local cruising guides. Those are the best cheapest form of insurance you can get. While they are not perfect they can often save you money, time, and maybe your boat. Marathon (photo gallery) was one of our most comfortable places to be while in the keys. It is great harbor for any weather except a hurricane. We began our visits there in the 80 when it was all anchoring and the last time we visited there was a slew of morings as well as a place to land the dinghy and do some small boat projects. RR's were clean and being upgraded when we left. Restaurants aplenty and quite a few places for boat supplies.