sv Elysium

Cruising thrugh Life


Obviously, we begin our cruise from where we've spent the vast majority of our adult life, Florida. We travel down the West coast and hang in the Keys for a bit waiting for weather to make the jump across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.


So far; of all the places we've cruised, the Bahamas stil come out on top for our favorite place. Yes, in winter in the N. Bahamas it can get chilly; some would say cold, and you may hide from a front for a few days. But; that's a small price to pay for hanging in the crystaline waters, with the friendly people and ex-pats, and the ability to dive and spearfish. Yep, a small price to pay!


Our trip to Summering in the Cheasapeake begins with a 3 day offshore passage. We travel to Beaufort, NC to avoid a cold front and then motor up to Norfolk sharing in the delights of the Dismal Swamp Canal. Our eventual destination is Annapolis where be plan a major upgrade of a WaveStopper Dodger as well as many small projests. Once completed we'll cruise the Chesapeake, attend the Annapolis Sailboat show; which we've always wanted to attend, and then head offshore to the Virgin Islands.

Windwards - LeeWards

We leave Beaufort following a cold front. The Caribbean 1500 left a few days earlier and we had expected to leave before that group. However; the weather didn't cooperate for a sailing couple. Yeah, if we had lots of testerone on the boat maybe. Even then my smart money would have said "Wait". After the 1500's harrowing trip ours was pretty benign traveling to the VI's and our adventures from Beaufort to Trinidad take place.

Southern Caribbean

From Tinidad to Panama. Some say the worst sailing conditions in the world occur just off the coast of South America, by Cartagena. We caught some of the "worst". Our adventures cover hooking a sailfish and a shark, losing the bottom 1/3 of our windvane gear and a rough ride to Cartegena. Finally we're in Panama and hanging in Shelter Bay Marina for our summer of boat projects and keeping Elysium.... Looking good.




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