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Seabuilt Access Ports

Another cruising friend (owns Ninwahuni a Westsail 43) from California turned me on to these access ports. And what a find. They're rock solid, easy to install and last years with nary a leak.

Using a 1/2" drill body and a high quality hole saw I cut the hole in the fuel tank. Then laying out the plate I marked and drilled the bolt holes. Cleaned up all the shavings and installed the port. I did coat all the bolts with a Zinc Chromate product and then bolted it together and snugged the bolts up similar to how one would on the lug nuts on a automobile.

After 5 years of cruising I opened up one of my tanks, removed the Seabuilt Port and reinstalled it. It truely is a joy working with a companies product that behaves exactly as they say and last like it should. Thank you Seabuilt!

Would I buy these again. You betchya! Grade A!

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