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Wahl Hair Clippers

One of the things cruisers often overlook are the requirements for day to day living. Living in remote areas, anchoring where there are small villages or no few other people around the things we need for our own comfort can often be overlooked on a boat. We were lucky, before we left my barberess asked who was going to cut my beard and hair. She knew I never really trimmed my beard as I always visited her looking like a bear.

Upon further thought W/ was elected to be the new barberess and the one I had been going to for years said she would show her a thing or two. She (Lisa) also advised us to purchase a set of Wahl Clippers for my trims. We did and it has been one of the best decisions made and one that has save the most money.

We picked up a set of clippers for roughly 50 bucks. We've used it almost monthly for 4 years. I have in that 4 years visited a professional barber a few times but assuming a reasonably cheap cut and trim costing 10 bucks we've save almost $400 with a $50 dollar investment. Not bad return on your money. And saving any month while out cruising is a God send.

The only complaint I have is that the rubber around the clipper seems to get a little sticky. We are not able to keep it in an air conditioned environment and it seems that not only the rubber on the clipper but even hoses seem to get a little sticky after time.

It's only for this reason I grade the product with an A-. Would I buy it again. You betcha!


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