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Centek Aqualift muffler

I've have two of their mufflers on the boat. One smallish one on the generator and one large one on the main engine. I've replaced the small generator one already and had an issue with that replace one again; a second time. Feeling something was not right I contacted Centek. I was in Panama, Central America when I first contacted them and they promptly sent me to one of their engineers; Bert Browning. He was prompt and curtious. He told me that the mufflers were guarenteed 5 years (I didn't know that) and that when I could get the unit sent to them they would replace it. I had planned on returning to the states during the holidays so I would do it then.

In the states I again emailed Bert but for some reason I didn't get a reply. I called Centek and was promptly informed of the process of how to return it and get the new one. They even believed enough in their product to cover the cost of shipping for return. There is a company that believes in their product and in keeping a customer.

When Bert returned to work he emailed me about the cause of the issue. They've identified it as to hot and I had lost an impellor in the generator. The unit was running without water in the exhaust for a couple of minutes before I was able to shut it down.

The muffler works well, the company is great, and the people treat their customers as an important part of their success. I have bought the product a second time and will again if needed. However, the only reason it's listed as a B is I never had any warning in the product info and in this era of special materials I think the product should stand up to Diesel exhaust for say 5-10 minutes without this type of failure.

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