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OMG -Navigation Lights

I try to buy the best for the boat. I try. I research, I ask others, I read blogs and magazine artcles and then I try to buy the best. OMG Navigation lights looked like they fit the bill. They are epoxy encapsalated LED's making them entirely waterproof but for some reason now, after 5 years, all the OMG individual Navigation lights have failed. All of them!

We've been on the water for 5 years now and had already replaced on. During my time of purchase they changed their warrenty policy. We had purchased them from HotWire in Tarpon Springs, Fl. After about 1 year of use our port light went out. I found the warrenty and when we went back home I returned the light to John at Hotwire. Ironically, OMG had changed their warrenty period from 3 years when we had first purchsed the lights to one year. Fortunately I had my original paperwork and John happily gave me a new unit.

Four years later the new unit I had replaced is still working. But the Stern light and the Stbd Light are now defunct. And I am out of the warrenty period. Because I'm so close to transiting the canal and not wanting to change any mounting setups I purchased two new lights. That alone is why I give this light a C. My D grade I would do my best to never purchase the product again so I've failed that test. But I assure you, next time.... I'll look for another company. OMG - Navigation Lights Grade "C".



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