sv Elysium

Cruising thrugh Life

This is the front of the cushion.

This is the back side.



We had purchase some small C-Cushions at a boat show in 2008. Now after four years they look like hell. They looked good for the first year and then began to show their age. We checked their website and tried their cleaning instructions. That slowed down the aging process a bit but did not bring them back to anything close to like new. As the next 12 months progressed we found that cleaning them just did not work anymore. They looked like they'd been sitting in an attic for decades.

Since we were returning to the states for a family and friends visit and taking care of boat needs we figured on hitting the boat show in St. Petersburg, Fl where C Cushions always attended and having them replaced. Odd, C Cushions was not there in 2012.

So we ended up with 4 year old cushions that looked like 20.Since none of the traditional cleaners we have on the boat worked we decided to do the extreme. We tried bleach. Soaking for over an hour and then cleaning. The bleach to remove about 50% of the mold mildew but still left them looking; bad. Just can't say it any other way. We would not recommend this cushion nor company to anyone and will not purchase any of their products again if at all possible.

Grade D

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