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  • Handi-Hose (The Superior Compact Hose -NOT)

If that is all they're talking about the "Superior Compact Hose" then I'll give it that. We've had this hose on board for about 2 1/2 years now and used it maybe 20 times. Mostly are tanks are always filled with water maker water and we use this hose when we're at a marina and need to wash the boat. After about a year or so I began to notice that the hose had several small leaks. For the limited use it has had I considered that un acceptable. The other characteristic that makes this hose a "not purchase again" item is that if there is any bends in the hose it kinks immediately. So to drag is around on the boat we consistently get kinks and the water slows to a trickle making washing a year long endeavor. Often I or Wendy ends up having to go and find the kink, then try to make a long bend in the hose so we have a good water flow. If you really, really, fall in love with the hose and concept; buy it, but don't say I didn't warn ya!


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