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A cruisers evalulation of Marine Gear

After almost 5 years of cruising and discussion over grear and supplies with other cruisers the following gear and supplies would has earned the grades shown. Most all have been used by me and if any comments are made by other cruisers it is so noted.

Grade A cCompanies that make a product ending up here must be able to produce a items that can take the abuse cruising demands of it and or provide a level of service that tolerates use in a marine enviornment i.e. responding to emails in less than 24 hours and / or responding politely and knowledgeably to phone calls during normal business hours.

Grade B Any company that has an exceptional product but for some reason, their service falls short. Examples would include email contacts but no responses to an email, phone contact but you end up on hold for minutes and never get to anyone that has an answer that makes sense.

Grade C Items that in this category have some positives and negatives. With the right management or solid R and D these products would or the company would be vastly improved. I would purchase these if there is not a better quality product available or I'm only looking a some single uses and wish to soon discard the product.

Grade D I wouldn't this product again. I'm not happy with my purchase and the life expectancy of the product was no where near the advertised talk. I was conned into or talked into purchasing this product..Never again.

Grade F Buy or use at your own peril. You must consider yourself a lucky person to successfully use product.

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