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GalleyWare Repair

When we planned this adventure we were going to do it right. We've had Correlle dinnerware in the home and at times broken one or two dishes (yeah, I know they're not suppose to break but they do). They shatter into small shards of glass. We were "not" having that dinnerware on the boat. Galleyware stepped up to the plate. They were perfect for boats and many had a boat theme. So at the boat shows where there was always a discount we choose some galleyware products. Unfortunately one such set consisted of these little round rubber dots.

These dots kept the plates from sliding around with a roll from the sea or a passing boat. Of not is that they did nothing to the food sliding on the plate. :) However we also discovere that the little feet fall off.

Somewhere along my lifeline I had discoverd a product called JB Weld. This product has proved to have magic qualities so I figured I've nothing to loose and I'll try that on the little rubber feet.

First: I used some 80 grit sandpaper. I wouldn't go any finer then say 120 or much coarser then 80. What I wanted to do was remove any of the glue that remained behind and then cut into the rubber (on the feet) and the hard plastic (on the plate) so the epoxy product would have something to hold on to. For both items I made sure I removed the "shine" and the surfaces were dull and clean.

Second: Clean them up. Even though my pic shows some residual grit I cleaned them up and wiped with a solvent to ensure there was no left over glue.

Third: Mix up a small dap of JB Weld and with a tooth pick put a small dab on the plate. To make sure this worked I have marked all my fixes by taking a permanant marker and placing a small black spot where I can see it.

Fourth: Gently push the foot on to the JB Weld and then let sit overnight.

Finished: I've done approximately 10 of these repairs and not had a one fail in almost 2 years.

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