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Cruising thrugh Life


Finished: Finally, Oh what a happy day. Then I discover that it will never be "finished". In Antigua we reglued the top of the freezer. No biggie. Then 2 months later we discoverd that it was warping! Now it's a biggie. So while in Trinidad we used the company "Same Crew" and had two new Meganite tops made.

Also in the two years of cruising we've found that the freezer doesn't hold the temp as well as we would like. So we've ordered a new Seafrost Holding plate to hopefull drop in to the existing plumbing.

The other pages relating to this subject are: Overview, Layout, and Instalation.

We'll see. I've created a pictoral history of the various stages of the works: General Installlation, Insulation, Layout, and Liners.