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Layout: Figuring out what goes where is harder than actually installing the parts.

We knew where the boxes went. The hard part was now getting everything to match up and work together. I drew out the sizes and figured out the insulation thicknesses. We choose Blueboard (from Lowes) and for 4 panels we used the Vacuum Panels from Rparts (who I believe is no longer in business). The sides with the vacuum panels on we can always remove the sides and replace the panels if and when they fail. Looking at the picture on the upper right the inside ply and the aft ply and the small ply are all removable. We made them that way so if we have to / or choose to remove and replace the panels we can. All the other panels would require the actual removal of the liners to get to them and that would again be a humongous undertaking, one I never hoped to do again. Where the vacuum panlels are we created 3" of insulation so if the vacuum panels fails we still have approx R 15. On the bottom we have 6" and on the forward side we have 6" and on the outboard side we have a min of 6" (because of the curvature of the hull some places are approx 8". Further, on the outboard side I used the Space material from 4 winds. My research (after I purchased the material) showed that it wasn't really as effective as advertised but it has a triple Aluminium barrier. Boat hulls are translucent and let UV in so this was in effect to eliminate heat transfer via the hull. The compressor installation was as near to the boxes as possible and designed to have complet access. We cut the top of the seat and I can screw it down for securing. The drop board then provides and easy check.

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