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To refurbish a boat requires a great deal of effort. People are often of the idea that they can buy a sound boat and with a little sweet equity they can have a "like new" boat. During our projects we often said; usually upon a screw up "It's not a new boat.... it's better then a new boat". For our projects we made a budget and never really followed it, we made a work schedual and followed it to a T, and we took to heart the theme of the movie What About Bob? Where the client is instructed to "Take Baby Steps" to reach his goal. If we ever would have been able to look at the big picutre we would have walked away. If we would have been rich enough to buy a new like boat we would have; if we would have been older then we were we would still be working on the boat. All the planets were aligned for our project and 7 years later we called the boat completed and left on our cruising adventure.

Throughout the following pages I'll discuss the thought process (I know that is a little egotistical to accept that I think), trials, mistakes, and successes that have occured in the refurbishing of Elysium. These will be in no specific order but as I add and build them I'll attempt to date pictures and events as best I can. This will give any builder - refurbisher an idea of the time frames we went through.

Time is what most individual / couple builders have plenty of and in some respects the home builder considers their time "free". Had either of us been in a job where we could bill out by the hour, for many projects we would have been far ahead to work at our hourly / overtime rate and pay a pro. Professionals can do a great deal of work in much less time than an individual because 1) the have the correct tools for the job, 2) they have the needed supplies on hand, and 3) they have completed the same job many times before. Having said that; for the picky yachtsman, finding a skilled craftsman that has the same concern for their work as you do is nigh on impossible. For the owner knows that mistakes, forgotten items, sloppy work could well be the end of their life! For the tradesman it's only a job.

Case in point. We had a local yard with a very good reputation do some engine work for us. When putting some oil cooling lines back on they crossed the oil and transmission cooling lines. We were lucky, even though the mechanic was fired, we could have been seriously harmed had this occured in other circumstances. Read more about it.

So here goes:
Hawse Pipes
Refrigeration Systems


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