da Cruising Life

Much has been written about cruising. Some write about how little you can live on; as if crusing is akin to living in the woods and eating from the forest. There may have been a date and time when one could pretty closely do that; sadly for some, happily for others, that day is gone. Most countries have discovered that cruisers are yet another form of income to farm. Entry can by quite high by the standards of old and to stay you can't compete with local in anything that the country consideres necessary for their own people. Makes sense. Yet most Americans bridle at such restrictions; thinking that if they could do that at home they can do that (whatever that is here). They want to live free but by taking from a citizen of another country the cruiser may be living free while a native may be starving to death. In the following pages I'll descirbe costs and conditions, expectations, and reality, the good and the bad of ....da Cruising Lifestye.


The question most often asked by those wanting to cruise is "What's the cost?" In an effort to provide and anwer I've included our cost by year and by quarter in 10 catagories for almost the first decade of our cruise.

My Research

While one will no doubt end up with a pretty good library of their own; here I've clipped some advise from the various bulletinboards and credited the writer when I could. Over the years I've found that too often bulletin boards change and then so do the archives disappear. This isn't exhaustive; only tidbits I've found that at one time or another were helpfull to me.

Personal Product Evaluations

As I've watched other cruisers travel the world I've always looked at what has worked and what hasn't. Real world experience beats the hell out of testing in a labratory; hands down. At least that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. SoI've included a variety of items that have worked well for us and some that haven't you have my experience, my opionion and as my momma use to say "you gets what you pay for".

Places to Go

Most of the places are well documented in our blog. As I find time to add any significant places we've enjoyed I'll include them here.


Always huge, always much larger then one thinks, always costing more and always more to do. I've started with a few projects and as I find time and energy I'll add more and describe what I've done and why I did it that way.