Elysium's Panama Canal Passage

Help Wanted

When we spoke to our cruising friends about the need for extra line handlers on the boat three of them responded immediately "I'm In!" Dirk and Silvie had already transited in during their circumnavigation and Jenny (another WS 42 Owner) was keen to help. We all knew each other and felt it was a good mix.

As with any visitors to Elysium they not only become guests but "mules". Carrying supplies needed to keep Elysium healthy and afloat. (No - there wasn't any alcohol. :) ) But bags of supplies were appreciatively brought. A new navigation light was needed prior to the transit.

A trip to the city for supplies, a couple days rest and off we went to sharing a great experience. Day one found us transiting at night and Day 2 found us in the Pacific. To avoid repetition I have greater detail in the Blog.