Trinidad - A mixture of Play and Work

We had planned on being in Trinidad S of the cyclone belt. For more detail on the trip and activities I've detailed our experience in the blog here. While I only have a couple of galleries showing what Trini is like, note that our experience there was very satisfying. As time and inclination permit I will do my best to add more galleries. The Pitch Lake Tour with Jesse James (yes that is his real name) was a huge hit. We did quite a few trips with Jesse and he and his company were one of the reasons we have such great memories of Trini. He introduced us to "Snake" on the Rincon Waterfall hike too.


Trini Info

First: Cruising around Trinidad is close to a no-no. The authorities try to limit the areas one travels. Which for the most part is a good thing. There are some nefarious groups about. While we were there dinghy motors were stolen from boats at anchor. One large dinghy and motor were stolen right off a boat at the Marina we were at. The Marina was to have had security cameras but of course there was no guarantee they were working. :) And heading to far S you ended up being dangerously close to Venezuela.

That said: the Defense Force wants you to be safe. They patrol the area from Grenada to Trini working hard to keep that cruising yacht trade route safe. We never saw them but we did file a float plan with them. Of course one natural event that may have aided our safety was a rather vicious squall the night we transited. All in All would we visit again. You betcha!

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