The Bahamas

There are many pages and sites writting about Bahamas crusing I'm not going to repeat them here. This page has a few photos to remind us of how beautiful the Bahamas are. Two others: one dedicated to an event celebrated country wide, Junkanoo; and a second with images from our last 3 decades of visits.

Bahama Cruising

We have spent a great deal of time in the Bahamas. The vast majority in the Abacos. Our first trip back in the '80s we traveled the S side of Grand Bahamas to the Berries, Spanish Wells, the bight of Abaco and back to the US. All excellent cruising grounds. However, we like a bit more civilization than that route provided and found Green Turtle to fit that bill. A couple of grocery stores, safe harbor, a hand full of restaurants, and a tennis court. From here we could day sail to the N Keys. And if the wx changed for the worse or we needed more supplies it was a quick trip back.