The following images are a small collection from our three decades of visits to the Bahamas.

Two Decades in the Bahamas

We started cruising to the Bahamas in the mid '80s. Traveling with Gary and Vicki to Spanish Wells. There we split with them and returned to our home in Florida.

Over the years we returned to the Bahamas several times calling the Abaco's our summer home. Various groups of friends visite and we met other like minded cruisers. Diving with Don and Terry we enjoy many nights of Lobster in hot buttter. Day snacks often were made up of Conch salad and sometimes we even "cracked" it. A local specialty. Our last sojourn to the islands was in 2008-09. And truth be told, half way around the world now, it is still one of our favorite places for the food, the diving and the people.