The following photo essay presents our travel through Fji

Fiji Heart of the Pacific

We spent a lot of our crushing time in Fiji. We love the country, the islands and the people. The bureaucracy not so much and their capitol city - harbor less.

We sailed from Tonga to SavuSavu and there met up with friends from the Caribbean. Before long we headed to Vuda Point Marina to leave the boat in a Cyclone Pit while we headed back to the US.

We were glad we did as that year cyclone Winston made a real mess of Fiji.

Upon our return we headed to the Yasawas and then shot off to NZ hiding from any new cyclones.

We didn't plan on returning to Fiji but the winds highlighted a path there. While the time was expected to be brief, getting hit by a ship in Suva caused us some delays. Repairs were made in Vuda and then off to a party in Taveuni celebrating our friend's relationship.

By now the cruising season was slipping away and it was time to decide. We took a small chance on the following cyclone season and picked a cyclone mooring at SavuSavu Marina.

There we had a great time. Yoga, yacht projects, and sharing stories and food with the staff and characters of the marina. A year later we left on our westward adventure. Fiji and the friends we made and love is missed everyday.