New Zealand

I have several photo galleries of our travels through the country. Sadly, even in 18 months we couldn't see everything this country has to offer. From a Helicopter ride to walking on a Glacier; from Hobbiton to to the cities of Dunedin and Christchurch. Everywhere one turns NZ has something new to offer, literally 1,000's of Glaciers, huge Sounds, and mirror lakes reflecting the Southern Alps. And all this time one tid bit stood out: A saying that the locals have; especially in Whangarei (pronounced Foung-a-ray)," There are four seasons in a day"!

As in the majority of the places we visit we do our best to learn both how the locals live and to share our lives with them. Joining two tennis clubs helped. House sitting during the winter months gave us a birds eye view of life in this wonderful country. House sits came with pets, mostly dogs and cats. We never had to sit for birds, a few llamas were almost in the mix but that was to far away. We based at Riverside Drive Marina, a lovely walk along the riverfront to town. If bureaucracy wasn't such a PITA traveling, we might still be meandering through the Bay of Island. But, moving is the life of a cruiser, there is a big world out there to see.


A Magical Place

New Zealand is a real contrast to the islands in the Pacific. An Island Nation and a first world country. Yachting wise, you can get any boat work completed you need here. We upgraded batteries to Lithium, painted the mast and booms, painted the hull and deck, and all new non-skid. And we had all the sails checked over and a new mainsail built. Excellent workmanship all.

Then too, the standard tourist fare is not standard. The S. Island boast the Southern Alps, Fiords, Glaciers, Seals and Sea Lions.

We spent 18 months there and enjoyed most every minute of it. Joined a gym, two tennis clubs, bought a car and traveled as much as time would allow. You can follow the adventures in our Blog.