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I added this idea a couple of years later and for elementary students this page alone would be beneficial. Driving home from work one day I was puzzling over how often students, and even what teachers would describe as "good students' would slack off near the end of a grading period. I looked over and saw a Red Cross blood drive that had a vial filling up. Bingo. My new idea (or really old idea) was recreating that concept for grades.

A year or so earlier I had witnessed student not understanding raw score. How could one assignment effect the results so much and another have barely anything to do with the end result. Thus two things happened in my thinking. First: I should eliminate raw scores and have every assignment worth the same and Second: I should eliminate Homework and class work as a grade.

Once those thoughts coalesced I was able to add the mountain. Depending on the grading scale in your district or school you can draw lines in where ever the points fall. The sheet is filled in from the bottom up and from left to right. Some students would enjoy switching colors for different assignments, others would use a pencil on the entire page.

What this did for the students is they witnessed that there grade isn't really final until the last assignment is complete. So a student that has an A or B mid quarter will not sit back and try to coast to the end. Looking at the mountain or diamond they see that they actually have an F if they stop working. This sheet went a long wa towards encouraging those "slackers" to keep at it, all the way to the end.

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