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Data Sheet

There are two sides to the data sheet. One side could easily be used for elementary students (the Pyramid, Diamond or Mountain) and the other might only be used for High School Students. For middle school students I used both sides.

I developed this method when I realized that 8th grade students had real difficulty in calculating a mean. You may wish to change things to better reflect the needs of your students; however, the core concept would likely remain the same. This management sheet was developed before students really began using their student numbers (or ID's) as credit cards in the cafeteria and media centers; if they use those numbers in your school system simply white it out the line under the heading before you make copies.

You can download the pdf and print out the page as I go through the process. It will then be easier to follow.

I hand this sheet out to students immediately before the first grade is returned. Obviously; students fill in their names and other relevant data as soon as the receive the sheet. Some would believe filling in the name (header) goes without saying; but for those having been in the classroom, we all know that some students will skip that info and you'll find papers laying around without their name.

When I first hand this out I have a copy up for class display using a Whiteboard or an Overhead projector. I too fill in my name and critical data then show them what the comments are for. I only tried to comment on one particular issue per graded quiz, test or paper. I found over the years a good student might get to the second or third comment, but most were stuck on reading the first comment. I wrote a comment on the sheet I was sharing with the class like "Read the qst first" or "Make sure each qst has an answer", etc. I then reminded them that if they receive a couple of comments similar to each other they can easily raise their grades by simply making sure they follow that line of thought. Next was the stair steps. Younger students will need Sum and Mean explained to them while older student should already know those terms. I didn't use total because like you; I was always teaching something.

Students then simply fill in their score under "Your Score". Since there is only one assignment "Your Score" equals the "Sum and they transfer it for the first grade. The following opening on the same level "assign no." is simply how many grades have they received so far. In this case only one so they put the numeral "1" in that square. All the time I'm also demonstrating this for them. Then they work the equation: "Sum divided by assign no. equals and they record the answer under "mean". Look up and get the grade off the grading scale and record that Alphanumeric under "grade". Finally write the description of the assignment: Quiz "Into to Science" or what ever short note you use.

I then told them about the Extra Credit. Extra Credit is a controversial issue that I've explained in the previous link. Here students simply put a hash mark for each point of extra credit and at the end of the quarter they add it in to their score and divide by the final number of assignments given.

With 8th graders and with gifted middle schoolers I demonstrated this procedure for three assignments. After 3 they were proficient enough to help each other and keep up to date with their own grades.

No we turn it over and get to the fun part.


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