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We All Learn

Learning is intrinsic amongst humans. Most importantly for the educator they too continue to learn. It is through educators that students see and experience the value of life long learning as well as many of the joys and beauty of the world around that alone parents and families just often are not able to provide. Throughout these pages I'll share as many of my experiences with you as I can, many ideas you may find farcical, some you may even believe I've written expressly for April Fools Day. I assure you, that what follows is IMHO what I did, what I learned, and how I implemented concepts that I speak of. I'll put some unique resources and activities I've shared with students on line. Activities with a teaching style that students found both dreadful and exciting. Usually with students in school those two emotions are locked together like love and hate, male - female, Yin and Yang.

Hidden mistakes teachers make: Seating Charts
Extra Credit
Homework Game
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