Midnite Solar Classic 150

We purchased one of these 5 years ago a Midnite Solar 150 mmpt charge controler.

This unit has worked flawless for 5 years giving neither of us any worries..

That alone deserves top honors. But that is not all. When we returned to the boat after a few months hiatus the unit didn't seem to be charging the batteries. Before we left and because we had Lithium Batteries I shut the boat completly down. After all it was on the hard.

What I didn't do was take a good note of where the battery switches had been set. Our switches work with an Orion Battery Managment System to ensure the batteries are not abused. The BMS prevents overcharging by shutting down any charge system and it will prevent undercharging by shutting down any loads. Thus the batteries have three settings, Off, On Automoatic, and On.

I was besides myself. I thought I had turned the switch back to the On - charge mode. They were not easy to see and I must have been in a rush. Concerned now that I wouldn't be able to charge the Lithiums and even minimal use would drain them I set about asking for help. I emailed the individual who assisted in the install from NZ. No answer, NONE! I emailed Orion, the BMS manufacture, no answer. (Sadly I think they are now out of business). And I emailed Midnite Solar.

Michelle from Midnite was the only one that replied and with her help I was able to discover where the issue was and get everything working again. Out here in the remote areas of the world, having support from a company is worth as much as a quality product. MidniteSolar has both, quality support and a quality product.

Grade A...