After much research on the web and seeing major manufacturers use Alpenglow we decided to go with this company for all our interior lighting. The company follows the KISS principle and their lights are well constructed. Every one we installed worked the first time. Anymore today, that seems to be saying a lot. The reading lights throw out a great deal of light with minimal power usage; a big plus to us. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase them for any further upgrades or changes on our boat. In fact; when I added some lights to the engine room I ordered two more of the fluorescent's.

I would wish that I could order online on the web, sorry the company at the time hadn't provided a web store for ordering. Since their product is so good the inconvenience was worth it.

After 15 years of cruising they're still going well. I have replaced several bulbs on the fluorescent. Last year I purchased their upgrade to LED kits and replaced several of those. All our reading lamp bulbs needed to be replaced. When in the states I called Alpinglow and ordered some new one. The owner / managment has changed but the new owner researched and we ordered replacments. Unfortunately they are longer and stick out of the lamp. I do need to upgrade those to LEDs.

Grade A.....