I picked this tool up at a boat show and soon felt the wrath of W/. She thought I had been snookered. It's a tool that uses SS wire to create clamps, you can use it to replace standard hose clamps as well as clamping odd items to odd places.

The only bad thing is the learning curve. The good looking women at the boat show demonstrating these have oodles of experience. They... make it look easy! It's not, but then again even a kid could learn to use this tool. Not to be outdone by an everyday normal rug rat - I learned.

I've used it as a clamp replacement many times. The down side is that once created you can NOT tighten further. The only alternative is to cut if off (easy) and make a new one. And out of the 100 or so places I've used this system I've only had one leak where I needed to replace or redo the clamp.

I now have the larger tool also where it could actually use a hanger wire to clamp stuff. So far I've not needed to use it. Really, it is for an emergency.

Because I've used the Clamptite a lot, because it is very cost effective in making clamps and because I purchased a larger sized one, this product earns an A.


Grade A....