Exeltech Invertor

After my miserable Xantrex experience I chose an Exeltech Inverter based on my web research and that of another cruising friend.

My cruising friend said he was hit by lightening in the San Blas Islands. This is in the Caribbean side of Panama. At that point his inverter stopped functioning. He called the company asking what to do. They told him they don't tolerate any breakdowns for any reason and shipped him out the corresponding board that was needed to repair the item. They shipped it to Panama on their dime. Further they included instructions on how exactly to go about replacing the board and if he had any questions to call them. This is a company I as a cruiser love. I bought one.... eight years ago.

It has been rock solid from the day we installed it. We installed it in 2012 and it has worked well ever since. Still going strong in 2024. Would I do it again you bet, in a heart beat.

Grade A....