Govee #H5074

I bought these on a cruising friends recommendation and they have been a rock solid. I have 4 units; one in each refrigeration / Freezer compartment and one monitoring the compressor area. The Govee is small and can be moved anywhere in the compartment for temperature sensing. Even in the engine room. The app can be setup for alarms with high and low temperature settings.

When we left the boat for a weeks tourist tour I shut down the Engel drawer refrigerator and left the Govee in place. The drawer unit seems to have a great deal of condensation on the evaporator plate. The plate is on top. And water will then drip. It appears water either entered the Govee unit or condensed inside. When I returned from my trip and checked the temperature inside the drawer I didn't have any up to date reading. Ok, time to change the battery. That is when I discoved condensation on the chip inside. I cleaned it with denatured Alcohol and replaced the battery. It didn't work. In the Govee app there is a help request form.

I filled out the form asking how to reset the unit and within one day had a reply. They would simply replace it and asked for my shipping address. Now that is a great Company. I have had all the units for 14 months. This company and their products I will continue to recommend and use. For a complete listing of their products and applications try here!

Within a year all the units failed. After emailing the company they said they are not recommended for refrigeration or freezer enviornments where there may be high condensation. I've ordere more and have sealed them in vacuum bags. I do not care about the humidity.

Grade A....