Pampered Chief

While I'm not even a cook nor even close to a chef, W/ has really liked the Pampered Chief products. She describes them, "Every single item that I've bought has been just tremendous- the right size, light weight, easy to care, durable. There have only been two items which have shown a problem-one was the small knives which I love, I broke, but that was my doing, not the product. The other was a plastic finger hole on one of the stainless steel bowls came off".

IMHO the SS is high quality and has a rightful place on a boat. The only issue I have ever had was with the spring in the attachable handles. I have to purchase some SS springs. Everything has worked well since.

Further although I link to the Pampered Chef page and link to the pages of the products we have not received any compensation from this company or for any of these products.

Grade A....


Pampered Chief tongs