Soft Coolers

We purchased this cooler at a boat show in 2007. After 15 years she was still doing great. The bag shows some wear and the straps too. That would be expected. The only issue is that we've had was to keep the zippers lubricated. We do this with a product called Snap-Stick made by Shurhold. It's a silicone paste rub on the zippers product. We rub it on and move the zippers and she's good for another year.

This cooler is used all the time on our boat. When ever we defrost we use it to keep the items cool / cold. When we travel to the market or grocery store we take the bag for cold items. We've taken it to Panama City from the San Blas islands for shopping. In the city our hotel room had a refrigerator / freezer. We had a great deal of meats frozen ready for packing. We packed the meats in the bag and filled all the empty space with ice from the hotel.

We checked out of the hotel at approx 11 am and had all our bags by the entrance waiting to load. Our taxi picked us up approx 1:30 pm and we began our trek across the isthmus to Carti in Kuna Yala, San Blas. This trip takes approx 2 plus hours with bags packed on the roof of the vehicle and some inside. At Carti we then unloaded and reloaded into a Launch to travel to the boat. By 4 pm we were back on the boat and unloading. At the boat we opened up the cooler and; I'm estimating here, 90%of the ice was still ice and the meat was still frozen. We saved the ice (great for drinks in the tropics :) ) and we packed the frozen products in our freezer.

I would buy this bag again. In fact; when we were at the Miami show in 2016 we purchased a new larger cooler. Both W/ and I are very happy with these products.

Grade A....