Tilley Hats

Called the Tilley Endurable's this hat and company is IMHO tops in any of the marine industries. Their hat is guaranteed for LIFE. And that means your life; not the hats. I had a canvas hat and after 4 years of wear on the boat and washing on the boat the top just began to fall apart. When back visiting the states I called Tilley to see what my options were.

As that hat did last 3 years the worst case I expected was another just like it. But as it did last only 3 years and did fall apart being canvas, in the Sun and salt water I asked if I could exchange if for another that might be more Sun / Salt resistant. "No Problem" was their answer. If there was a difference in cost I obviously would have to pay for that difference. So I made the exchange and ordered another style too.

They shipped the hats promptly but the individual in the shipping dock didn't understand the conversation I had with the office personnell (I did leave a note in the box with the returned hat as instructed to do). Tilly replaced the rotten hat and shipped me two of the ones I had asked for. They billed me for both of the new hats when I should have been billed for only one. I called the company and explained, they said to ship the hat back and they would refund the cost of the hat and the shipping!

That attitude is the kind I expect when buying top of the line products in the marine industry and it is with that kind of attitude and service that if need be I'll buy another Tilley any day.

Now 13 years after I began this cruise my 2nd gen hat gave up the ghost. I contacted Tilley in Australia and after some back and forth, Tilley wanting an image of the hat as it was now, they are sending me a new replacement hat. Of course I get to pay shipping and handling but it is from Australia and not Canada. And it is in Australian dollars. Still... after all these years, this is a company I honestly love. Grade A

Grade A....