Vesper Marine - AIS

We're hoping to move again. Seems the world is getting use to Covid and dealing with the mess. To head towards SE Asia I'm understanding we need a class B transponder with AIS.

After much research and talking with other cruisers we choose Vesper Marine. The XB-8000. It is not the newest model. It is not cutting edge but close. I've been in the tech industry and the saying we had was "You bleed living on the cutting edge". The cutting edge is not for me.

So I purchased the next best thing. The XP-8000. It has been out awhile and all the bugs are worked out. A solid piece of equipement.

I did have one issue. The diagram on the external alarm is not a real elecrical schemtic and had for me an error. As it didn't make sense I called the factory in NZ where their home office is.

They did NOT give me any run around. I was patched through to a real Kiwi and he looked at the diagram, checked with another in the factory and explained that the three wire in the diagram don't connect to the alam circuitry but to the AIS wiring harness. With that solved I was able to successfully install the unit.

A couple of things I love so far about the unit: Their app for the ipad shows vessels coming and going. Settings for alarms, turning off the transponder, anchor watch, an SWR meter built in to ensure the antenna is working well, and lastly via wifi it will integrate with a variety of navigation software. It to will connect up to a NMEA network but I don't really want a StarTrek console, so I have a few wires that are on holiday. At this point, with this company I believe they and their product are

Grade A

Grade A....