Fuel Extractor by Moeller

This unit had taken the abuse of 5 years full time cruising. I really purchased it to make oil changes much easier but I've used it for much, much more. We don't carry a Wet/Dry vacuum on the boat and there are times we need to pick up water or oil or diesel from where ever we've screwed up. With this unit I can remove enough water from the bilge to easily sponge out the balance, I can remove any oil from my engine oil pan or grey water from any place on the boat. The it's easy to dispose of it as properly as you can.

I have two caveat's: 1) The little valve that releases the pressure is lightly pressed into the opening. The little valve too easily comes out, an adverse strike in the wrong place and you've lost a key part of the unit, and 2) somehow I have a very small drip on the outside of the container. I can not find any cracks in the container and it is mainly an irritant and no real issue. That may be from my oft times over filling the container. There is no mark showing the max fluid it holds but in the instructions there was a comment that one should not over fill it.

With that said; I would buy the Extractor again should I need to. But; this device seems to actually be made with end users in mind and maybe, just maybe; I'll not need to purchase another. That is if I can always remember to retrieve it from one whom ever I've lent it to.

The Bad

Somewhere around the 8th year mark it quit working. Now the basics of the system is not rocket science but try as I might, I couldn't get it functioning properly again. I threw it out. I have not replaced it yet; year 13. Moeller Fluid Extractor Grade B

Grade B...