Ancor General

Ancor Wire is often thought by sailors as the "Be All and End All" in wire. And while it is good there are alternatives that IMHO are equal. Their price pulls them out of the A category for wire. But their quality and fine Tinned wire is definitely an A.


I like their connectors. They work every time and they hold flawlessly. I have no complaint about them. I don't like how difficult it is to get the connectors you want. I'm surprised they don't have a web page where you can simply order in mixed quantities what you want and they would have them dropped shipped to you the next day. As they say in cruising land, Manana!

Miscellaneous Parts

This is where they surprised me. I found an Ancor waterproof connector and it lasted all of about 2-3 years. It wasn't underwater but was in the elements and I would remove and reattach it as needed. I used it for my Solar Panels. In 2012 I was having difficulty with the connections and went to rework the entire cable. In one of their connections it had shorted out between the connector pin and the wire. I easily pulled the two apart. Then as I'm looking for a repair I discover that the wire they've used is not Tinned. That in my book is a "D". While there are those that purport to use untinned wire in a marine environment and some who have spent many hours soldering connecting ends closed and the wire has lasted, for any company selling marine wire and then to not used Tinned wire in their fittings is cause to walk softly and look where you go.

Ancor Wire Company Grade B

Grade B....