AmplePower EMON
(sadly this company is no longer in Business)

I bought this as part of a system from Jack Rabbit Marine (who is no longer in business). I've done my best to follow Ample Powers instructions and their instructions are EXTREMELY technical. I have all the wires connected I believe correctly and will be triple checking. What really puts this in this category is there are no fail safes built in. The buss bar has a little stick on number that identifies where the top is. That fell off between the time of purchase and the time of installation. Ok; shame on me, however I sincerely doubt I'm the first to have connected the power supply backwards and yet there is no mention of it in the installation instruction and I hope; but I'm not sure, they don't do this thinking "No big deal, it will keep our tech's busy". So at the moment with their instructions, and the way their system connects together and that they really don't like talking on the phone I'm keeping the EMON on this page.

In all fairness to Ample Power they don't really sell retail; at least they don't push it and so had we had a "qualified installer" we may have had everything working and fully understood.

I would give them credit for tech support even though they will not provide any email support, but they did have a forum which very well can be a better asset because you can see any issues and solutions that others have needed them for.

Sadly, I understand the principle of the company has passed away and it is no longer in business. With the advent of LiPo coming of age it seems many cruisers have been changing their configurations.

Grade B...