Magic Bullet

We purchased one prior to when we left in Oct '08. Now as I'm writing this it is Feb 2015. We've rarely use the Bullet over the years so in many respects it is still brand new. We pulled it out to make sure the powdered eggs were well mixed.

Upon the first use after running the blender for less than one minute all the rubber feet came flying off. We put it away hoping we could buy a new base. About a week later we tried the other bottom that came with the unit. I was quite careful thinking that maybe in the prior incident we didn't let the unit stop spinning fully until we re-engaged the feet. This time there was no doubt. All stopped before I ran it again for about 10 seconds. Again the feet started to come off. You can see it in the images.

We were not ready to discard the unit yet. I found I could spin the feet off (the thread is left handed) and purchase some new ones from Amazon. I will let you know if I have better luck this time. ( I didn't) Till then I give the product a C. I'm staying with it for awhile longer but if this happens again in a short amount of time it is going bye-bye.

We ended up giving it to another cruiser that thought it was great. For us... the Magic Bullet earns a Grade C

Grade C....

A broken Magic Bullet basesmall image of a Magic Bullet Base