OGM -Navigation Lights

I try to buy the best for the boat. I try. I research, I ask others, I read blogs and magazine articles and then I try to buy the best. OGM Navigation lights looked like they fit the bill. They are epoxy encapsulated LED's making them entirely waterproof. So it would appear. For some reason now, after 5 years, all the OMG individual Navigation lights have failed. All of them!

We had been on the water for 5 years and had already replaced one. To make matters worse, during my time of purchase OGM changed their warranty policy. We had purchased them from Hot Wire in Tarpon Springs, FL. After about 1 year of use our port navigation light went out. I found the warranty and when back home I returned the light to John at Hot wire. Ironically, OGM had changed their warranty period from 3 years when we had first purchased the lights to one year. Fortunately I had my original paperwork and John happily gave me a new unit.

Four years later the new unit I had replaced is still working. But the Stern light and the Stbd Light are now defunct. And I am out of the warranty period. Because I'm so close to transiting the canal and not wanting to change any mounting setups I purchased two new lights. That alone is why I give this light a C. My D grade I would do my best to never purchase the product again so I've failed that test. But I assure you, next time....

A year later my Port Bow light went out. That means that every one of the running lights failed. I have to order a new bow light and ordered an Aqua Signal.

OGM - Navigation Lights Grade "C".

Grade C...