Uniden VHF Radio

I purchased this radio in '06 and the main reason I wanted it was because of the wireless remote. She appeared to work well for the first 3 years of our cruising although I felt the batteries in our handheld's didn't last like they should have. They lasted approximately 3 hours and every watch change we needed to recharge one radio and use the other. I had two of the remotes.

In '10 I acquired an issue with the base station. I was in Trinidad and contacted Uniden. They have a warranty program with a set price but you need to be in the US to avail yourself of it. So I completed the online form and paid them online and sent them the radio with a US address to return it to. After approximately 4 weeks they contacted my US support and said I needed to pay for the radio. I sent a copy of the paperwork to my US support and she contacted Uniden and eventually they found that indeed it had been paid for and they would send it to my US address. This took time from her that should not have been needed. Uniden is an international company I expect better service and support from them. That is why only 3 stars for email and phone. Somehow, somewhere the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

The issue with the radio is that it would send and not receive. Odd for a VHF to have that kind of issue but it did none the less. The bad news is that prior to my experience in repairing this VHF radio I went ahead and purchased a newer Uniden that has the same footprint for installation and uses the same wireless remotes.

A year later on our trip to the states I decided to get replacement batteries for the remotes. I called Uniden as for some reason I couldn't order them on their web site. There I received a run around, since I couldn't order them on the web site they also couldn't take my order over the phone. To complete this order I spent a good part of the day off and on trying to talk to a real person and place the order for the batteries.

It was a miserable experience. The batteries have not lasted as long as the original and I will not try purchasing batteries from them again. Nor will I purchase a Uniden radio again. I gave it a C because it is sure nice having a wireless remote radio but in reality I will not repurchase another Uniden product and I hope to not have to do business with their company again. I believe if my Uniden radios go I'll look to another company for a replacement! Uniden VHF Radio Grade C

Grade C...