My disclaimer: I do not drink Coffee. W/ loves this coffee maker and the quality of the Coffee. My beef is not with the product itself but the support.

First: The brochure that comes with the unit makes generic look detailed. That is, nothing in the instructions details anything specific to the item we purchase.

Second: there are two replacement pieces that must be changed annually. Annually or there about! One is a silicon gasket and the other metal filter. There are no numbers for reordering, there are no dimensions for reordering, Nothing, Nada, ZIP! From a cruisers perspective this is unforgivable. On Elysium we try to avoid the "throw away society" identity. We try.

This is the second time we've tried to order new seals. W/ order some 6 months ago. They are not expensive. They were all wrong. The time it take to return them is not worth the money for return. Now she / we are trying again. Anther two hours searching to get the right ones and we are still not any closer to ensuring success. We've contract some local friends to aid in our search. Maybe we will be lucky. Maybe.

For me... the Bialetti earns an F; for W/ the coffee drinker in the boat it earns an A. Final grade: C

Grade C....

A broken Magic Bullet basesmall image of a Magic Bullet Base