Dyer Dinghy


We really enjoyed this dinghy. It rowed nicely. It carried three people ok, 4 was dicey. We purchased it used and spent a few bucks making it like new again. It stored nicely over the aft cabin on our Westsail 42.

The only downside for cruisers is: It is near impossible to get into and out of snorkeling around any reefs. As a fun family sailing dinghy I would give an A, as a cruising support dinghy I would give it C and as a snorkeling dinghy I would give it an F. Thus the C rating. Would I buy it again. Only if I became a CLOD, Cruiser Living On Dirt! Dyer Dinghy Grade C

Grade C...

Rowing a Dyer dinghy

A Dyer dinghy under sail

Taking a Dyer dinghy diving