XYZ - Anchor Grade C

After reading all the anchor back and forth, the good and bad, the discussions on the internet, the fights between one faction and another I opted for an XYZ anchor. Their data was impressive.

I was impressed and the anchor did everything they said it did. It was reasonably priced, it set fast, it held well, and it stored on my bow sprit. The sprit was a big obstacle to these anchors with the roll bars (I call them grab and hold anchors).

The one thing it didn't do and this is exactly why I've put it in the "C" category, It didn't like the boat swinging 360ยบ around it. In fairness the people at XYZ indicate that there needs to be a wire leader to the anchor. For me that wasn't really practical. Now, if it was completely buried it wouldn't have been an issue. Since we would be anchoring in coral prone areas, lying to braided or stranded line would not have ensured a good nights sleep and wire cable stowing on the boat would have been a mess. So, all chain it was.

Anchored in the Bahamas through the winter months we had a consistent weather pattern. Every week a front would move through and as it did the boat would swing completely around. I didn't think much of this until one day I noticed we were not in the same place when we finished our circle. I pulled up the anchor thinking something fouled it. While cruising I've pulled up a tire that my anchor had grabbed and.... get this a Chaise Lounge (usually found on the deck of the local tourist lodge). When I pulled the anchor up this time (in the photo) I discovered the chain had wrapped around the horn and was dragging the anchor by that appendage.

I used the anchor for a few more years but I keep a close eye on the wind directions in the near future. XYZ Anchor Grade C

Grade C...

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