Salt Gear Inflatable Fenders

This product is NOT for those wishing for value from in an Inflatable Fender. Oh, when we first received and used them they were fine. Out cruising we didn't need fenders stored on deck or hanging over the side. We stored them in a locker inside the boat.

When we reached a marina in Scarborough, Australia we expected a longer stay. We pulled both fenders out and inflated them. Immediately we heard - hissing. Both were leaking air. There is a product one can pour into an inflatable tube to seal leaks. We purchased the product and poured it into the fender, inflated and rotated it as per the instructions. Waited 24 hours and inflated. Still leaked. Tried again. After a couple of days we were able to get one fender sealed up and holding air. The other was worthless.

These fenders came with a lifetime warranty. Good Luck with that. I tried contacting the company we purchased them from. Nothing. I found them on Amazon listed with a Lifetime Warranty. Tried contacting via Amazon. Nothing. AVOID these fenders if you want a quality product.

Grade D...