AA Composites 360+ Platinum Epoxy

This product is not ready for full time use in the marine enviornment. Wendy describes it in two words "It Sucks!" At AA Composites in Brisbane we saw a test sample sitting in the window. Inquisitive, I asked about it. The manager told us it was designed for the surf board industry and is a 5 year epoxy coating. I asked about using it on teak on a boat and he full of faith indicated it would be an excellent product to use.

We set about stripping off the 15 year old Signature Finish Honey Teak that has worked so well. The company was no longer in business and it was getting really difficult to get the product 1/2 way around the world. Thus, it was time to change.

We began by removing all the previous teak coating with a heat gun a lot of time. This was not an easy task. After which we lightly sanded the teak, taped and began coating with the Platinum 360+. We bought a scale to accurately measure out the quantities, we timed the mixing for 3 minutes until the epoxy went clear and then brushed it on. To get the required thickness we did 4 coats. At that time it looked fantastic. Notice the past tense!

Four months later it still looked good. Then the rains came. We started to get white spots and eventually entire sections had a white grey patina. I emailed AA Composites and they said it wasn't mixed well; probably, and simply to wash and recoat. It was mixed well and we had a lot of work put into this. we were not looking at re-coating the entire boat. All the Platinium 360+ had now blushed.

Grade D...