Shurhold Synthetic Chamois MOP

I had purchased the synthetic chamois prior to our adventure in '08. It barely lasted a year. After about 6 months it began flaking off orange particles. I see on their website they don't have an orange one but I would be cautious. Their other mop I rate as an A and would spend the extra money and pick one of those up. I would only buy one of these if I knew I was not going to be keeping it long. Then saving the 10 or 20 bucks might be well worth it. I had written the company about the handle and received a quick polite reply and a new replacement handle. Maybe they would have made this mop good too but then I would most likely be back in the "needing" a new mop again in another year.

Grade D - I would not purchase one of these unless I had to. They don't last.

Grade D...